When I'm not working, I'm planning (or taking) one of my solo vacation adventures.   

I keep a balance in my life by limiting the projects I accept to work on.   Life is too short.

I'll take a month of online research and document a day-by-day itinerary for each adventure - down to what seat on the plane, where I catch a bus, reservations and entrance fess, activity options, and "where I will lay me head." 

Salt Mine Slide in Bavaria 

I plan to build a series of Storyline mini-adventures based on several of my best trips.

My Adventures include::

  • Our Last Shared Journey in Spain
  • The UK and Doc Martin
  • Dad's WWII tour of France
  • My just barely pre-pandemic trip to Arizona and California
  • Italy: An American in Italy
  • Five European County Spring Tour
  • Next Up: Brazil and Peru

Plus: Good Planning makes a Great Experiencing: How I plan