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Global SEO Provider, BrightEdge, Now Relies on Itcetera for Web Support

San Mateo-based, BrightEdge, now relies on Itcetera, Inc. to maintain its corporate marketing website.    

BrightEdge selected Itcetera to assure all their web content and future updates were efficiently handled in a timely manner.   Being a West Coast firm with an "East Coast" web partner permits BrightEdge to leverage the 3 hour time zone difference for timely updates.

Facebook Package Introduced

Itcetera publically introduced its custom Facebook Business Package at the Regional Century 21 Real Estate conference in Mt. Pleasant, MI on Friday May 6, 2011.  

The 125 attendees had a chance to learn more about the value of the package to help their business page stand out and get noticed vs. the basic "out of the box" version that millions of businesses use.

The package is designed to do two things:

1) Help Search Engines find you page by providing a key-word rich content page

Drupal 8 is coming in November!

Drupal 8 is coming in November!

It was just announced that Drupal 8.0.0 will be released November 19, 2015!

Click here to learn more

Itcetera Now Builds with #1 Drupal

Itcetera Now Builds with #1 Drupal

Drupal is a great modular content management system. It's #1 in usage.   Wikipedia says, "It is particularly popular for building online communities. Drupal is an English transliteration of the Dutch word "druppel" which means "drop" (as in "a drop of water")."  

Although my heritage has ties to the Netherlands, I think there are a lot stronger reasons why Itcetera has adobted Drupal as its primary development platform.

Top 5 Cool New Things Using CSS3

Top 5 Cool New Things Using CSS3

CSS3 is the latest site styling standard that provides new capabilities to add new touches of styling that previously required using "photoshopped graphics" and other tricks to pull off.

Here are the Top Five new capabilities using CSS3:

What About HTML5?

What About HTML5? has incorporated some of the most state-of-the-art web technology in the design of the current website.   This includes HTML5, CSS3, and stylized font substitutions, among other innovations.  Let's talk about HTML5...

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